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Private coaching


TSAAD offers you professional support in resolving or coping with your essential questions or challenges in various areas of your private life.

Range of Services

We often receive inquiries from individuals who are confronted with significant questions or tasks and challenges in specific areas of their private life. They seek professional support for resolving or coping with these issues, without the extent of their concerns or the impact of the challenges on their life or health being so great as to require psychotherapeutic treatment. Nonetheless, such life questions and challenges can still lead to subjective distress, sleepless nights, or even manifest in physical symptoms, thus assuming a subclinical dimension. Similarly, we receive requests from individuals who wish to take preventive measures to enhance their psychological resilience but lack a specific approach to address this goal individually. In such cases or at the borderline of psychotherapeutic concerns, we are here to assist you.

At TSAAD, you benefit from our diverse expertise in the coaching segment for individuals. For more information about our therapeutic focus for individuals, couples, and families, please refer to the corresponding linked subpages. If you are interested in a coaching service at TSAAD for your specific needs, feel free to contact us.

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