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We offer you a selected portfolio of consulting and training services designed to enhance the effectiveness, productivity, and performance of you, your company, or your institution. Our focus is on psychological and, above all, systemic processes.

Range of Services​: Consulting Services

Explore our range of services in the following section. Should any of them catch your interest, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to provide you with personalized guidance and support.

Range of Services​: Specialized Training

TSAAD offers training sessions for individuals, institutions, and businesses whose fields of activity require competencies related to psychological and psychopathological issues. We possess extensive and well-grounded experience in providing worldwide training on psychological knowledge, offering a unique and distinct portfolio of training contents and techniques. All individual and group training sessions are specifically tailored to the needs of our clients. Additionally, TSAAD provides long-term and customized support and mentoring services.

Our training courses cover a broad spectrum of basic and advanced topics, such as specialized trainings in the field of mental health, with a particular focus on:

- Psychotraumatology

- Inter- and transcultural competencies

- Forensic psychology

- Fundamental and project-related psychological knowledge

- Systemic theories

- Communication skills

Our training offerings are primarily aimed at:

- Individuals from political institutions and political decision-makers

- Lawyers and legal representatives

- Diplomats and government officials

- Professionals in the field of (mental) health

- Entrepreneurs

- Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

- Charitable organizations

TSAAD strives to empower its clients by providing them with knowledge and advanced expertise, gaining new perspectives and impulses, and overcoming individual, group, and institutional boundaries. Our goal is to further professionalize and enhance the effectiveness of their activities.

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