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Are you dealing with trauma-related disorders and facing a court trial centered around your trauma? Do you need to demonstrate, within a legal dispute, how certain experiences have affected your mental health? Are you a legal professional representing the court or another party in a legal process, seeking expert assessment or professional support, particularly for strategic planning? We offer competent, effective, and professional support in these circumstances.

For our clients, who often include vulnerable individuals, legal proceedings extend beyond the mere handling of relevant legal facts. Surviving the reencounter with distressing past experiences and events without compromising one's mental well-being, finding the right words to describe sometimes indescribable incidents, and vividly presenting one's own story and fate to others—without succumbing to harmful or even retraumatizing dynamics in the process—can be crucial in many cases. In these situations, TSAAD provides sensitive and expert guidance, along with meta-strategic services for our clients.

TSAAD offers a comprehensive range of services and consultancy activities, catering to clients and their legal representatives, as well as individuals on the court's side, supporting service providers, and experts. This includes:

  • Expert assessments and in-depth evaluations of psychological and psychopathological issues, adhering to the latest standards.

  • Strategic advice and support in developing meta-strategies.

  • Case and process-related therapeutic support and supervision.

For further information and personalized details, we eagerly await direct contact with you.

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