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Do you want to overcome conflicts and relationship problems in your partnership, establish effective communication, or work through emotional wounds? Do you need support during challenging phases in your relationship or the painful process of separation?

Range of services

Couples Counseling, Couples Therapy & Couple Resilience

Challenges and conflicts are an integral part of a healthy relationship, just like happy and fulfilling moments. However, when relationship problems become overwhelming, professional couples counseling or couples therapy can be beneficial. We are here to support you break free from negative patterns and burdensome cycles, develop a more constructive way of handling conflicts, and find solutions to the challenges you face as a couple. Your interests, desires, and needs are important to us, both on an individual and partnership level. Additionally, when one partner experiences a mental or psychosomatic condition, we can effectively integrate couples therapy elements into individual therapy to offer support.

Decision Counseling

In challenging life situations, such as an extramarital affair, a partner's reorientation, or the desire for an open relationship, making decisions about the future of the relationship can be very difficult. We offer to accompany you through this process and create a safe space for you to explore intense emotions and ambivalent thoughts and impulses.

Separation and Divorce Management

After deciding to separate, there can be further intense emotional outbursts and numerous additional wounds, making the separation process even more challenging. We offer to support you during this difficult time and work together to part ways amicably, saying goodbye to the shared time. For couples with children, we provide additional assistance to ease their coping with the challenging situation. We also offer a space to clarify economic or other aspects of your separation that play a crucial role and may lead to further serious conflicts.

Communication Training for Couples

Dysfunctional communication is often a common cause of conflicts and problems in relationships. Through conflict resolution and communication training for couples, we provide effective tools to cope with stress, challenges, and problems in your relationship, which also contribute to enhancing resilience.

Sexual Therapy

We support couples with various sexual problems and challenges, combining individual and couples therapy elements when necessary. We also offer you the opportunity to explore and integrate sexual needs, fantasies, and desires into your own and your partnership's sexuality. You can find further information about the spectrum of sexual disorders we therapeutically cover here.

Desire for Children, Pregnancy, & Parenthood

The topics of desire for children, pregnancy, and parenthood can be significant challenges for a partnership. We offer a comprehensive and professional support network for these aspects. You can find further information here.

If you are interested in couples counseling or couple therapy options for your challenges, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Cost coverage

Our couples therapy and couples counseling services are exclusively available to self-pay clients and are not covered by private or statutory health insurance. If you would like information about the expected costs for a bespoke offering tailored to your needs, please feel free to send us an inquiry through our contact form or use the provided contact options.

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