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Change Management (PCCM)

Traditional Change Management refers to the systematic planning, execution, and control of changes within a company. It involves developing and implementing strategies to prepare employees for changes, minimize resistance, and ensure a smooth transition. The goal is to foster acceptance and engagement among those involved and achieve the desired outcomes.

Change Management is necessary in various situations, including mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, introducing new technologies, changes in corporate strategy, or implementing new processes or systems. In all these situations, it is crucial for the company and its employees to successfully navigate the transformation. Traditional Change Management uses communication and information strategies, stakeholder management, initiates training and development processes, and may even involve the use of change agents.

Person-Centered Change Management (PCCM) goes beyond this and places all individuals within a company and their interactions at the forefront. PCCM views people as the key factor in determining whether change processes succeed and whether changes are integrated rather than merely top-down implemented. Particularly when leaders have a genuine interest in a long-term growth perspective for a company, it is often the psychological and systemic-strategic processes that determine the success of change initiatives. This includes, among other things, integrating all employees in their diversity into change processes and creating sustainable acceptance for their new or altered leadership role.

We work with you to develop this shared systemic perspective, focusing on strengthening your present or intended role as a leader in your company, taking into account both you as an individual and the specificities of your employee collective. Together, we develop a meta-perspective on facilitative and inhibiting interaction processes and help you gain an understanding of systemic dynamics and the effective courses of action derived from them. Our aim is to support you in shaping your leadership role in a way that finds authentic and natural acceptance among your team. We firmly believe that the productivity, performance, and effectiveness of each employee increase when change processes are collectively embraced.

We would be delighted to provide you with further information in a personal conversation about how PCCM can effectively support change processes in your company

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