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Post-conflict consulting

TSAAD is headquartered in Frankfurt and operates as an internationally active consultancy service for projects in crisis regions and post-conflict settings.


• Operates transculturally, supporting clients in the public and private sectors in creating effective, culturally sensitive, and risk-aware work environments in crisis regions and post-conflict settings.

• Offers comprehensive person- and team-centered approaches to assist clients in successfully operating in high-risk target markets.

• Provides comprehensive and scientifically grounded consulting services for maintaining mental health (including specialized training, supervision, background services, and other personalized offerings).

TSAAD offers a unique and comprehensive portfolio of services designed to understand, anticipate, and align dynamics in post-conflict settings with your project objectives. Together with you, we develop tailored strategies to meet your specific requirements. We support you in planning and executing your endeavors and enhance your risk awareness, enabling well-informed strategic and tactical decisions for successful, sustainable, and secure projects.

TSAAD provides access to some of the world's most experienced transcultural experts with extensive knowledge in mental health, law, and science. Through our partners in public and private institutions in the world's most dangerous conflict zones, we help you learn from those who are already established in the areas you are venturing into, fostering cultural competence and understanding of high-risk dynamics.

We have extensive experience in successfully implementing projects in active and former conflict areas and high-risk settings, including projects in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Colombia, Uganda, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, or Burundi. Our work covers mission planning, project implementation, risk assessment, demand-driven consultancy services for project leaders and staff, health assessments, training and supervision, as well as on-site support. We bring together individuals and stakeholders from leading institutions worldwide. All our network partners possess top-notch expertise and distinguished reputations, including scientific publications, media contributions, extensive leadership roles, or serving as experts in renowned committees.

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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