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FOCUS AREAS: Systemic Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy and Counseling, Coaching Services, Stress and Trauma Consequences, as well as Psychosomatics and Fatigue

Systemic Individual, Couples, and Family Therapist & Systemic Consultant/Coach

Dr. rer. nat. Gesa E. A. Pust, M.Sc.

My Role at TSAAD

My name is Gesa Elena Albertine Pust, and at TSAAD, I work as a Systemic Individual, Couple, and Family Therapist, as well as a Systemic Consultant/Coach. I also have an expanded scope of practice in systemic sexual therapy. In addition to my work at TSAAD, I hold a position as a Research Associate with a focus on teaching at the Faculty of Human Sciences at the Medical School Hamburg.

My Focus Areas in Stress and Trauma Consequences, Anxiety, and Psychosomatics

  • Extensive scientific and therapeutic work related to the significance of psychological stressors, particularly early stressors, on psychosomatic phenomena, specifically on the fatigue symptoms in Multiple Sclerosis.

  • Recognized work at the intersection of psychological and physical factors and their interaction processes.

Selected Previous Positions

  • Extensive experience in various roles in the field of psychotherapeutic neurology at Schmieder Clinics in Konstanz and Gailingen.

  • Research activities at the Institute of Neuroimmunology and Multiple Sclerosis (INIMS) and at the MS Clinic of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) in collaboration with the mathematical and natural science department of the University of Konstanz.

  • Therapeutic work at the Psychiatric Clinic Lüneburg, Dr. Amelung Private Clinic, and DGD Klinik Hohe Mark.

  • Extensive teaching experience at the Medical School Hamburg.

My Qualifications and More (Selected)

  • Psychologist (M.Sc. with distinction & B.Sc.; University of Konstanz)

  • Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Natural Sciences (summa cum laude) from the mathematical and natural science department of the University of Konstanz

  • Recipient of the Stiftung-Schmieder Prize twice (2016 & 2020/2021)

  • Certified Systemic Individual, Couple, and Family Therapist and Consultant (MAGST/IGST, Dr. Bernd Schumacher), certified by the Systemic Society - German Association for Systemic Research, Therapy, Supervision, and Counseling e.V.

  • Training in Systemic Sexual Therapy (IGST, Professor Dr. Ulrich Clement)

  • Advanced training in becoming a Psychological Psychotherapist with a focus on depth psychological psychotherapy (ZIST Penzberg)

  • Advanced training in Specialized Psychotrauma Therapy (DeGPT/ZEP Hamburg, Prof. Dr. Ingo Schäfer)

  • Board Member, German Multiple Sclerosis Society, DMSG State Association Rheinland-Pfalz e.V.

  • Scientific publication activity in internationally recognized professional journals, as well as contributions to books and conferences

  • Membership in recognized professional associations (Systemic Society (SG), German Psychological Society (DGPs), German Multiple Sclerosis Society (DMSG))

  • Founding member of the Working Group Functional Neurological Disorders (AG FNS e.V.)

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