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Life Crises

Many people experience phases in their lives that they would describe as life crises. However, they often find it challenging to assess or name whether they can cope with these crises without professional help. We offer to support you in understanding your symptoms and feelings and explore possible ways to cope with this life crisis, potentially emerging from it in a healthier and strengthened way.

Life crises can be triggered by various significant events. Examples include the loss of a loved one, career changes, difficult relationships, or serious illnesses. These crises often arise during transitions between life phases or during role changes, such as the birth of a child or retirement from the workforce. Each person responds differently to such events. It is essential to recognize that feeling overwhelmed or helpless in such situations can initially be normal. Typically, we initially draw on the resources available to us or develop new coping strategies. In such situations, professional help can support these processes, either by preventing the manifestation of a mental illness if the crisis exceeds one's coping abilities, or by finding a path to mental health when clinically significant symptoms are already present.

Our support for life crises always includes a comprehensive diagnosis to assess the extent of your crisis. We work with you to understand and categorize possible symptoms such as sleep disturbances, changes in mood and irritability, substance use, or issues in your family and social environment, whether they are psychotherapeutic or counseling concerns. Based on this, we develop a tailored and professional offering just for you.

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