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Psychosomatics is a field of expertise that explores the connection between psychological factors and physical illnesses. It delves into how emotional, social, and psychological influences can impact health. As the boundary between the mind and body is fluid, they often interact reciprocally and often require a comprehensive approach to treatment. For instance, psychological factors such as increased stress levels can exacerbate symptoms of allergies, asthma, or coronary heart disease, and may hinder the healing process. Conversely, physical illnesses such as cancer or chronic systemic conditions can have a destabilizing effect on mental well-being and contribute to the development of clinically significant psychological distress.

At TSAAD, we have a special interest in research at the intersection of the mind and body. We are dedicated to supporting individuals with physical illnesses in exploring the influence of psychological factors on the course of their condition. Together, we seek solutions that strengthen positive psychological factors and their potential beneficial impact on the progression of physical illnesses and their various symptoms.

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