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Addiction disorders

Addiction disorders or dependency disorders can bring about a variety of symptoms. Often, they manifest as an uncontrollable craving for a specific substance, such as alcohol, or a particular behavior, like gambling or excessive computer gaming. Typical symptoms may include: 1) withdrawal symptoms, 2) intense cravings for a substance or the desire to engage in a particular behavior, 3) tolerance development and increased dosage, 4) neglect of personal or professional responsibilities, 5) social withdrawal and difficulties in marriage, family, or with friends, 6) mood swings and irritability, as well as 7) other health impairments on the psychological or physical level. Addictive disorders can significantly impair an individual's life and also strain relationships with family and friends. In many cases, they can even pose a long-term threat to the individual's existence, affecting them on physical, psychological, and social levels.

Substance-related addictions are a common form of dependency disorders. This includes alcohol dependence, addiction to illegal drugs (such as cannabis, cocaine, heroin), nicotine dependence, and medication dependence. Each of these forms of addiction has its specific characteristics and risks, but they all share the common core of dominating a significant part of the affected individual's life and substantially impairing their quality of life.

In addition to substance-related addictions, there are also behavioral addictions. These forms of addiction are characterized by uncontrollable behaviors that have severe negative consequences on the individual's life. Examples of behavioral addictions include gambling addiction, gaming addiction, internet and computer gaming addiction, workaholism, sex addiction, certain aspects of eating disorders, or excessive use of social media. These behavioral addictions can be just as devastating as substance-related addictions and often require professional support for effective treatment.

Outpatient psychotherapy offers an effective path to sustainable recovery and abstinence for individuals dealing with addiction.

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