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FOCUS AREAS: Reflection of Processes, Promoting Tranquility and Mindfulness

Role: In contrast to his team, he may occasionally offer his "paw" to hold.

Faithful Companion & "Analyst"


Timmy, the yellow Labrador male, is a temperament-tested and trained companion dog recognized in accordance with §11 TSchG (Animal Welfare Law). He accompanies and enriches our lives, and for over six years now, he has also become an integral part of our professional activities in working with clients, as well as our training and educational endeavors. Timmy is a special gift in both our private and professional lives. We incorporate him into our activities only when it aligns with the client's needs, the therapeutic process, and, of course, Timmy's well-being, ultimately enhancing the overall therapeutic experience.

Timmy's involvement, as our therapy dog, is always carefully chosen and limited, respecting his boundaries and need for rest. In this regard, he receives activities suitable for Retrievers to ensure adequate mental and physical stimulation, plenty of playtime, and shared experiences with his humans.

Qualifications and Additional Information:

  • Companion Dog Test (DRC: BHP)

  • Temperament Test (LCD: WT)

  • Field Trial Assessment (DRC: JAS/R)

  • Conformation Assessment (DRC)

  • Up-to-date rabies vaccination, etc.

  • Regular deworming and health check-ups

  • Comprehensive liability insurance

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