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Stress is one of the main causes of various mental and physical illnesses and is considered one of the primary risk factors for a loss of quality of life and lifespan. Many people are exposed to significant, temporary, or chronic stress, which can originate in both the professional and personal spheres. Prolonged high levels of stress can disrupt and permanently damage all mental and physical systems, not only throwing them off balance. We understand the importance of recognizing stress causes and effects correctly and, more importantly, early, and initiating effective measures to prevent health consequences and the development of manifest mental and physical illnesses.

Examples of mental illnesses associated with stress include burnout, depression, anxiety disorders, or psychosomatic disorders. Physical conditions such as sleep disturbances, gastrointestinal issues, chronic pain, and heart diseases can also be caused or exacerbated by chronic stress, often requiring psychotherapeutic treatment as part of a holistic and sustainable approach. Stress can impair daily life, strain relationships, and significantly reduce quality of life. Stress-related illnesses often impact relationships and family dynamics, necessitating a systemic approach.

TSAAD offers support to individuals dealing with psychological and psychosomatic stress-related conditions. This includes identifying and sustainably reducing both personal and professional stressors, as well as developing and solidifying new, effective, and more functional strategies for dealing with stressors. We provide individually tailored approaches that align with your specific needs and goals, integrating seamlessly into your life and circumstances. Through mindful design of a suitable setting and the option to offer health-promoting supplementary services, we aim to structure treatment with you so that it can contribute to the overall process on multiple levels.

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